Semiconductor Disk Lasers

Fraunhofer CAP specialises in the research and development of semiconductor disk lasers based on group III-V semiconductors with fundamental emission covering the visible red to mid-infrared spectral range.

Special characteristics of SDLs, such as their surface normal emission, the external cavity and the very thin, semiconductor based gain layer thickness make these very versatile, attractive, cheap and compact light sources. This type of laser is identified by its excellent beam quality, power scalability and broad spectral gain bandwidth.

Our services enable customers to obtain customised light sources for a wide range of applications

  • Wavelength selection through material design
  • Modelocked, quasi-cw and cw operation
  • Thermal management for high power operation
  • Modelocked, quasi-cw and cw operation
  • Nonlinear colour conversion techniques
  • Narrow linewidth operation
  • Stabilisation techniques
  • Customised device design to target applications
  • Novel cavity design capability
  • Device optimisation for cost reduction