Fraunhofer CAP engages widely in a host of laser and optical exhibtions and conferences as well as sector specific events. We attneded Photonics West in person and are hoping to attend all of these events in person, safety permitting.


Event Venue Date Notes  
Telecomms Optics & Photonics  14-15 February London, UK "Cost-effective FSO: Challenges and Opportunities" 11.30am, 15th Jan, Dr Gerald Bonner  
Can-DO Innovation Summit 23 February 2022 Online     
Future of Computing for Defence 02 March 2022 Online     
SPIE Photonics Europe 3-7 (expo 5,6)  April  Strasbourg, France    
Laser World of Photonics 26-29 April Munich, Germnay    
A3 Scotland (Animal Health, Agritech, Aquaculture 26-27 April  Edinburgh, Scotland  
International laser technology congress 4-6 May Aachen, Germany    
Game Changers Innovation Festival  11 May 2022 Whitehaven, UK    
CLEO 15-20 (expo17-19) May San Jose, USA    
Undersea Defence Technology 7-9 June  Rotterdam, Netherlands  
10th Anniversary of Fraunhofer UK, CAP 14th June Invitation only, London  
Quantum.Tech Congress 14-15 June  Boston, USA    
SPIE Sensors+Imaging 5-8 September Berlin, Germany    
Futura in Res (Fraunhofer QT event   28-29 September Berlin, Germany    
OPTICA Laser Congress/ASSL 23-27 October Prague, Czech     
Quantum.Tech 19-21 September Twickenham, UK    
QT Showcase  11 November 2022 London, UK    
SPIE Photonex  6-8 December Birmingham, UK Ideas for the Industry programme? Please get in touch with Simon Andrews, Industry co-Chair with Najwa Sadqi, KTN.