Contract Research: feasibility to market

Direct contracts: how you want to work


We offer:

  • Consultancy
  • Market and technical support
  • Feasibility studies to show proof of principle
  • Stage-gated applied R and D projects
  • Lab-based demonstration systems
  • Ruggedised prototypes to validate performance in a real-world setting


We undertake contract research from the very short term to many months or years as is required by the customer. 

Companies also benefit from engaging with our technical and business development staff to produce technical and commercial roadmaps for their product portfolio.


A risk based approach


Fraunhofer CAP understands the need to adopt a risk-based approach in R and D, mirroring your priorities.  Where major risks threaten the viability of a new product or process good practice is to tackle the highest risk aspects first. If the most difficult technical specifications cannot be achieved then the project can cease and time and money are saved.

However, successfully demonstrating challenging specifications gives confidence that the overall goal can be achieved and resources can be allocated appropriately.

Our repeat customers often ask us to examine new areas on their behalf to rapidly identify the technical and commercial scope of new components, techniques, coatings, geometries etc.

This high risk work is more easily completed in our intensive R and D environment away from the pressures usually present in our collaborators laboratories.