Dr David Stothard

Watch David's personal story and share his enthusiasm for the development of useful technologies.

Organisation, our people

Our key people include:

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Research management team

Senior Research and Engineering staff

  • Dr Alexander Lagatsky, Senior Researcher
  • Dr Adam Polak, Senior Researcher
  • Barry Ferns, CEng, Senior Electronics Design Engineer
  • John Leck, CEng, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

University of Strathclyde staff with significant Fraunhofer relations 


Research, Development and Engineering staff

Senior Honorary Fellows

  • Prof Hans-Joachim Wagner, Fraunhofer IAF
  • Prof Malcolm Dunn, University of St Andrews, We note with great sadness that Prof Dunn passed away in March 2021.  He was a gentleman and scientist of the highest regard.  

Administration and support team

Fraunhofer UK Staff


Current Students

Former PhD/EngD Students


Former Summer students and interns

  • Sandra Enderle
  • Ella Hoffman
  • Ina aidam
  • Niklas van Kempen
  • Severin Ramstoetter
  • Simon Hickman
  • Christina Lehmann
  • Florian Mueller
  • Antonello Matteo
  • Xan Lei
  • Annika Mueller
  • Alba Paniagua Diaz