Dr David Stothard

Watch David's personal story and share his enthusiasm for the development of useful technologies.

Organisation, our people

Our key people include:

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Research management team

  • Prof Martin Dawson, Head of Centre (joint appointment with University of Strathclyde, Distinguished Professor at the Institute of Photonics)
  • Dr John-Mark Hopkins, Deputy Head of Centre
  • Dr David Stothard, Head of Department, Lasers and Laser Systems, Theme Leader 
  • Dr Henry Bookey, Head of Department, Lasers and Laser Systems, Theme Leader, (Energy and Guided Wave Optics)
  • Dr Loyd McKnight Head of Department, Theme Leader (Quantum Technology)

Senior Research and Engineering staff

Dr Alexander Lagatsky, Senior Researcher

Dr Adam Polak, Senior Researcher

Barry Ferns, Senior Electronics Design Engineer

John Leck, CEng, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer


Research, Development and Engineering staff

Senior Honorary Fellows

  • Prof Hans-Joachim Wagner, Fraunhofer IAF
  • Prof Malcolm Dunn, University of St Andrews

Administration and support team

Fraunhofer UK Staff


Current Students

Former PhD/EngD Students


Former Summer students and interns

  • Sandra Enderle
  • Ella Hoffman
  • Ina aidam
  • Niklas van Kempen
  • Severin Ramstoetter
  • Simon Hickman
  • Christina Lehmann
  • Florian Mueller
  • Antonello Matteo
  • Xan Lei
  • Annika Mueller
  • Alba Paniagua Diaz