Lasers and Laser Systems

Fraunhofer CAP’s first Business Unit, Lasers and Laser Systems, is led by Dr David Stothard and Dr Henry Bookey.

Our sources to systems approach has seen the centre recruit ex-industrial mechanical and electronic design engineers as our customers asked for more mature systems.

Fraunhofer CAP employs more than 25 PhD scientists with laser physics expertise across the spectrum. For many laser companies and photonics specialist we provide an early, de-risking and feasibility type projects as well as projects which rejuvenate existing products with the latest components techniques and processes.

For many companies who do not have in-house optical expertise, Fraunhofer CAP provides complete sensing, measurement and imaging systems to lab proof of concept through to advanced prototype or demonstrator level as required. Fraunhofer CAP also has a range of industrial partners who can provide a route to manufacturing.

Developed systems address real-world problems and opportunities in:

  • Energy, particularly in renewable energy, LIDAR, and cable monitoring
  • Space
  • Lifescience
  • Environmental Sensing
  • High Value Manufacturing
  • Laser Source Development and
  • Security and Defence



Security and Defence




Core Technologies

Explore the range of laser and optical technologies designed and developed in Fraunhofer CAP.