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Dr David Armstrong

Applications / Business Fields


Quantum Technologies

Quantum Technologies

Fraunhofer CAP has established a leading position in its breadth of collaborations in a range of QT applications.  



Fraunhofer CAP has a strong track record in delivering for industrial partners working collaboratively with support from InnovateUK.


H2020 projects

H2020 allows Fraunhofer CAP to add value through larger projects, bringing together consortia of industry, university and Fraunhofer to deliver next generation solutions. Fraunhofer IAF, IPMS and other Institutes in Germnay are keen to work with UK companies.

Fraunhofer CAP is involved in applied R&D in photonics technologies which are used across a wide variety of sectors.  We are application agnostic and have a great deal of experience in quicly assessing the particular needs and demands of particular industries and their real world end-use. We have current activities in all of the following areas:


  • Aerospace
  • Advanced Manufacturing   
  • Renewable Energy
  • Medical Devices
  • Oil and Gas
  • Life-sciences
  • Automotive               
  • Environmental Monitoring             
  • Transport
  • Defence and Security          
  • Quantum Technology                      
  • Food and Drink
  • Pharmaceutical                    
  • Space
  • Spectroscopy