Dr Henry Bookey Theme Leader- Energy and guided wave optics

Research, Development, Engineering

Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics has a core remit to provide applied research and development which benefits industry. By focussing on applied photonics, which underpin a wide range of products and sectors, Fraunhofer CAP is able to support the innovative use of photonics technology through R&D and prototyping.


Solid-state lasers

Fraunhofer CAP designs, develops and prototypes laser systems for real-world compact and robust performance.


Mid-infrared lasers

There are many competing technical routes to generate the more challenging infrared wavelengths. Fraunhofer CAP's expertise across many platforms allows us to choose the best methods for your applications.


Semiconductor Disk Lasers

Achieve the exact wavelength required for your application, with very high quality beam and Watt-level outputs across a very broad range UV to midIR with semiconductor disk lasers.


Fibre photonics

Fibre laser, distributed fibre optic sensors, and the application of fibre systems for a spectrum of uses are within the in-house expertise at Fraunhofer CAP.


Modelling / Design

The optical, thermal, mechanical and electronic perfomance of systems are rigorously modelled and designed within agreed parameters to ensure the best possible outcomes, particularly for higher risk projects.


Feasibility studies

Open Innovation is used by industry in many ways.  Outsourcing higher risk and more ambitious work with Fraunhofer has proven highly cost effective for many companies.