Mid-IR Lasers

The mid-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum (~1.3-7 μm) holds rich potential for the detection of explosive, toxic or otherwise hazardous substances. It is over this range that they exhibit their peak optical absorption features. The widespread use of this spectral range is, however, severely hampered by the lack of suitable laser sources which exhibit sufficient power, wavelength-flexibility and ease of use.

In order to address this shortfall, Fraunhofer CAP have pioneered a number of highly compact and efficient sources based upon nonlinear optical parametric generation, and applied this technology to a range of highly-sensitive and high impact spectroscopic measurement techniques.

Expertise and applications:

  • Pulsed and CW OPO sources
  • Ultra-narrow linewidth, smoothly tunable sources
  • Spectroscopic systems and instruments
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Environmental monitoring