Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics

Centre for Applied Photonics



The Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics is a world-leading centre in the field of solid-state laser research and development.  Fraunhofer CAP is involved in a wide range of photonics applications including energy, security, transport, communication, environmental sensing, space and health.

The core competencies at Fraunhofer CAP extend from applied research through to design, testing and characterisation of systems and modules as well as building pre-production prototypes. Our principle aim is to perform industry driven research to enable new or improved products and processes for industrial partners. Our research is innovative and can be applied across a broad range of markets to support industry across the UK and beyond.

UNESCO International Year of Light

2015 is the UN International Year of Light and Light Technologies, there will be a wide range of activities across the world, and of course the Uk and Germany to look forward to. has much more infomation to inspire and to share.


Fraunhofer is a founding partner in the UK, for this wonderful celebration. 2015 is much more than looking back at the achievements in light. It is an opportunity to further challenge the world of light from education, culture to science and engineering for the developing world.


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